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Birthday 19 Birthday 19

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The guy below me was the fourth in a series of stupid reviews. This is the fifth.

world hunger world hunger

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Groundcats! Groundcats!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Put it on android and you can have a dollar

Because this animation made me laugh.

But I do not feel guilty for not going out and buying an iphone to buy your game.

JohnnyUtah responds:

don't sweat it chief, thanks for the hypothetical dollar, it's appreciated.

Dreams I Dreams I

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it

Totally different from your usual stuff, but I reckon dreams are a good subject matter for expermenting with your animation.

Looking forward to more.

I Like Trains I Like Trains

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like this.

I haven't commented on a Newgrounds vid in years, but this is just awesome. The song's catchy, the animation's solid, and I love that synthy-keyboardy sound that plays through the chorus.

You did good, son.

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My Little Pony: Cupcakes My Little Pony: Cupcakes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is some twisted shit.

Solid animation though.

Captain Spectacular Captain Spectacular

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The script was funny and the animation was solid. My only minor gripe was the voice acting. Not that it was bad, far from it, but it lacked a certain passion which would have made the jokes funnier.

Perhaps it just needed to be better projected, but I felt that every characters emotions should have been amplified. At the very least, the reactions should have felt like they were actually there, instead of sounding as if their lines were premeditated.

As I say, this is a minor issue, and the only reason I point it out is that more commited voice acting would have risen the animation from good to great.

Looking forward to more from you.

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WhiteLightning responds:

Yeah, you're probably right. It's harder to get specific character personalities into such a tightly packed space of so much going on. I'll definitely be working to improve on that in the future.

SS - Thoughts SS - Thoughts

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Most of this is crap.

You've taken valid observations, like geese functioning as a flock, or utilizing human intuition to subconsciously gain some basic sense of understanding of another persons persona, and then added in this absurd supernatural idea that we are all linked by intangible forces beyond our comprehension.

This entire thing was based on misinformation, and wild guesses about things that you clearly had done no research on.

These points needed clearing up:

-"Time is speeding up" means that, individually, we perceive time as passing faster, the older we get, as each unit of time becomes a proportionally shorter part of our lives.

-You CAN map the part of the brain which holds conscious thought. It's the cerebrum, the frontal lobes in particular. This is where you formulate ideas, store memories or create thoughts.

-There is nothing supernatural about recognizing or sharing emotions with other humans or animals. It is a response to body language, and subconscious body language in particular. The hypothalamus subconsciously inspires emotion, and the occipital lobes at the back of the brain allow you to recognize traits in other people or animals which reflect these emotions. This is all subconscious, not magic.

-We do think before we do things (even if it's a split second before), but thoughts are not a whole that everyone is latching on to. Thoughts are created, or received, but independently analyzed and understood. The responsibility is on the one attempting to "spread" the idea to do so by way of proper communication. If you properly explain what your idea is, then it is more likely that the other person will be able to understand and use their frontal lobes to create an image of the same idea. If they do a bad job explaining the concept, then the two ideas will differ more.

-Our connections with one another are that we all the same species, not that we share intangible souls.

-Humans are NOT the "next step in life", every species that has survived up until this point in life is as evolved as the other. A slug is as evolved as a human. Natural selection is about the strongest gene pool, and the strongest gene pool is one that's still around. The fact that we've evolved to be the most intelligent species on the planet is no more relevant that the fact that the whale has grown to be the biggest.

-You DO NOT create your own reality. Having the opportunity to truly alter your surroundings or life is a privilege which is afforded to the few. Where you are born, and who you are born to, are going to be MASSIVE influences on who you become, and the options which you have. Babies are born in Africa with aids, and die before they're 3. They had no opportunity to "project their reality". Subjectivity is not a path to truth.

-"Buy yourself a treat. If you're really upset, maybe you should buy that car?" This is my point. Your sheltered rich life has given you a warped view on what reality is. Also, I would have thought that owning possessions isn't a very "spiritual" way to be happy.

-The thing about water having any chemical reaction to what is written on them is a fallacy and a misnomer. It was uncited, and even if it were true, it did nothing to suggest that thought could mutate water. And definitely did nothing to suggest that there was any weight to the statement "imagine what they could do to you!"

Ok, that's about it. You're chatting shit, and your supernatural bullshit is dumbing down the world.

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Salad Fingers Episode 9 Salad Fingers Episode 9

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really need some context

I've been watching these for years, and I still just don't see what you're going for. They're entertaining, sure, in a weird for weird's sake kinda way; and I guess that the bizarre nature of Salad Fingers' psyche could well just be your expression of true delusion and futility. But I always assumed there was something more. Some grand metaphor which would put the entire series into some context; which would make each part of each animation into an actual relevant part of some wider message.

If there isn't one, it doesn't mean that the animations are any less entertaining, but, I won't lie, I'd be somewhat disappointed. Especially as you've shown the capability to use interpretation and metaphor to make funny and ironic cartoons about a wide range of topics, from politics, to television, to dreams, even down to the one you did where you expressed constipation as people struggling to leave a house.

I'm really really hoping that there's some meaning behind this series which I simply haven't been perceptive enough to grasp.

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Velociraptorism Velociraptorism

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have my support, friend.